Here at the Elixir Lounge, we are all about natural remedies and healing. You want to put the best products into your body, rather than filling it with things it doesn’t need. Elixir tea is something we’ve discovered to be very useful in many ways. First off, it tastes good, and it is known to help your immune system! There is no other feeling like drinking warm tea on a cold day or in bed not feeling well. We want everyone to get the best experience from elixir tea benefits. 

Elixir lounge has many other tips and tricks, check us out, and we will surprise you. The Elixir tea benefits we have discovered need to be shared, and you deserve to try them to better your digestive tract! Try the tea and see how it makes you feel before deciding. It is one thing that makes us feel all warm inside, and we may want more of it repeatedly. 

Health and Wellness Elixir Tea Benefits 

Many people swear by Elixir, claiming it’s an excellent alternative for severe pain, anxiety, and stress medications. It is also an excellent option for those who want to quit taking prescription drugs that offer temporary relief while causing long-term damage. Elixir tea is a much healthier option for medication. You will notice such a difference when you turn to tea instead of medication for headaches or other pains. 

Kratom might have a bitter taste, but it is better than taking a bunch of pills when made correctly. At the Elixir lounge, you will relax with friends and enjoy an atmosphere like no other. It is imperative to remember that kratom elixir tea is a different experience for everyone, and there is no telling how they will react once digested. You have to give it a chance and just hope your body will enjoy the experience. If not Kratom, maybe we have another kind of tea that will work better for your body. 

Drinking Elixir tea brings out the best in our happiness and wellbeing. We all tend to give in to sappy energy from time to time. Fight back with the energy of elixir tea! The harmony of spirit, mind, and body, followed by a healthy diet and exercise, can help you feel electric just from a drink. 

Elixir tea may energize you, lowers stress levels, and boosts immune systems! If you trust the tea we promote, you will see a difference. You have to give it a try, and you could notice a change in the way you feel, maybe even look after some time. Elixir tea benefits seem to be endless when discussing all the positive outcomes. 

Recipes with Elixir Tea

Elixir is, also known as Kratom, is a mixture of leaves. Many people use Malaysian Kratom because it is a very potent leaf for this purpose. Depending on the kind of Elixir you are looking to prepare, you will want between 10-30 grams of dried leaves. We have three methods that we recommend. 

Method 1: When making pure kratom tea from the dried leaves, add 4 cups of water to each ounce (28g) of leaves in a pot. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat and allow it to simmer on low heat, covered for 30 minutes before removing from heat, let stand until cool enough to drink. 

Method 2: Using a traditional teapot, you can measure your kratom powder with hot water and allow it to be steep (after you boil the water) for 10 minutes, then remove or strain your kratom powder from the tea. 

Method 3: If you want to mix kratom leaves into a traditional tea already made, like green or black tea, place ½ ounce (14g) of dried leaves in the Tea Ball (or infuser). Place this inside of anyone cup of boiling water and allow it to sit until cool enough to drink. It is an ideal way to take an elixir on the go because it does not require heating water. 

You will find the correct method, and when you do, Elixir Tea is one of the best ways to take Kratom! Many people enjoy elixir tea because of its soothing effects on the body and ease of drinking. However, it does have an energetic effect, and customers should know when they order! 

Our elixir tea benefits are few and far between when you do your research and learn as you go with such a positive outcome! It is always nice to relax and enjoy what you are drinking once in a while. We want our customers to come back for more and bring friends to share the love with! 

elixir tea benefits

Kava Culture 

Having your (Kratom) Elixir Tea at our Elixir Lounge is an experience. It is not just about the drink, but about relaxing and enjoying your time here. People travel from all around the world to connect with like-minded individuals. At a place such as our lounge. If you are interested in learning more about Elixir tea benefits or relaxing with us reach out!

Our lounge is a safe place for everyone, and you should give it a try before you say it is not the place for you. We have all types of healthy options for you to pick from, and Elixir tea benefits are just one of many healthy things to try! Trust us to guide you down the right path and help you find what is suitable for your taste buds.