How To Prepare Kava

Kava is derived from a small plant, finely ground, and ingested as a beverage. It is also known as Kava-Kava. It grows throughout the Pacific. The root of this plant has been used for centuries as herbal medicine and now a drink.

There are numerous ways to prepare kava – each of these yields a slightly different result from traditional preparation methods (such as mixing with water).

Conventional Cheesecloth

Traditionally, kava roots were orally ground up, and the chewed pieces would then be spit into a bowl to be mixed with water to be strained from there on out utilizing tree and coconut fiber. 

However, today we use cheesecloths and generally grind them up with tools as we have advanced as a society.


A simple method is to put the kava root in a blender and grind it for about 1-2 minutes. Then strain the mixture to receive a nice smooth drink.


Kava can also be consumed in capsule form. When sold in capsule form, it’s essential to check that you’ve received this from a reputable company, as buying kava in capsule form from those who don’t know what they’re doing can be risky.

Knowing what is in pills or tinctures is essential! Make sure that you research the organization and make sure they are knowledgeable on kava and the product they are selling to you. 


A recent invention is a gadget that kava powder and water are poured into while a mesh at the bottom filters out the pulp. 

There are a few different models to choose from, and they come with instructions that you should follow when making your kava drink.

Other Varieties

There are various other ways to prepare kava, and as always, it is essential to follow instructions on the package. 

Many kava powders are ground up very finely, which means you may need to adjust the amount of water and time spent mixing it to get a nice blend without chunks of powder floating around in your drink.

You can also buy pre-made mixes for making kava drinks. These generally contain everything already measured out for you, so all you have to do is mix and go – but these aren’t always available everywhere. They’re usually just specifically for one type of method.

Finally, if you’re an experienced kava consumer who has figured out your custom way to prepare it, then, by all means, use that!

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