With anything new that gets introduced to the market, there are bound to be myths about it. Kava is one of those things that has been around for thousands of years but has recently become more popular in the United States. Some people go to a kava bar because they want to relax and relieve their stress, while others use them as an alternative to a standard bar that serves alcoholic beverages. Whatever the reasons you might have in consuming kava, you cannot deny certain truths about it, and certain kava myths need to be put to an end!

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Myth: All Kava is the Same

Is it better to use kava oil or kava powder? Is it better to use fresh or dried kava? Kava extracts or kava supplements?

Depending on how you utilize kava, this is entirely up to you. Many people prefer fresh kava tea or combining regular tea with a potent kava extract as an easily accessible relaxant.

However, there are some types of kava that are known to be better than others. Noble kava is organic kava that has been lab-tested and sourced from respected growers. It’s the greatest kava to ingest if you want to take advantage of the best effects.

Myth: Drinking Kava Is Like Drinking Alcohol

The effects of kava and alcohol on the body and the user’s mood are vastly different. Alcohol is a depressive substance at its core. It inhibits speech, movement, judgment, and inhibition by depressing the parts of the brain that control these functions. Excessive alcohol consumption can negatively influence eyesight, memory, and motor function.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, which leads to a hungover sensation the next day after a night of heavy drinking. Overconsumption of alcohol has been linked to liver damage and heart disease, pancreatitis, and recurrent infections.

While both kava and alcohol have mood-altering effects, the two beverages are vastly different in how they affect the body, mood, and motor coordination.

Kava can boost sociability similarly to alcohol, but that’s where the similarities end.

Elixir LoungeMyth: Kava Is Banned

Another common myth is that kava is illegal to consume. Europe banned it for a lot of years following the liver toxicity “fear”, but the ban was lifted in 2008. Kava is not prohibited in the United States or Canada; however, it is subject to import restrictions in Australia because they consider it as “controlled.” 

Myth: Kava Causes Hallucinations

Kava has played a significant role in ceremonial rites performed by various cultures for ages. Kava has helped unify these great occasions by lifting mood, inducing serenity, and offering a sense of togetherness, from celebrating a new marriage to honoring a king as he takes the throne.

Kava does not create hallucinations or the opening of the third eye. While hallucinogens such as peyote have played a role in some culturally significant rites for specific cultures and religions, kava lacks the same mind-altering ingredients.

Kava bars bring people together, uplift them, and inspire them – not send them down a dark path.

Myth: Kava Tastes Bad

This is highly dependent on how you consume it. However, drinking kava for the first time in a Fijian greeting ritual may leave you with an odd taste in your mouth: most people describe it as bitter, peppery, and “muddy.” To many westerners, it is an acquired taste that may not strike all of the correct taste buds straight away!

At kava bars, people often like to eat a slice or chunk of pineapple.

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What is Kava?

Kava is a non-addictive medicinal herb from the South Pacific that belongs to the pepper family. The plant, also known as asava pepper or “intoxicating pepper,” may reach a height of six feet and has heart-shaped leaves that are ten inches broad.

Pacific Islanders have utilized kava as a medical plant for millennia because of its believed sedative, anesthetic, euphoriant, and psychotropic effects. Some people look to the herb to treat various ailments, including migraines, sleeplessness, infections, and rheumatism. Kava is utilized for religious and cultural occasions in several civilizations, such as weddings, political gatherings, funerals, and royal events.

The New Bar Experience

Kava bars are appearing all over the U.S., and it’s no surprise why. The more that people begin to learn about the benefits of kava, the more they hear about the possible benefits that it holds. Imagine going to a bar that helps out your body instead of hurting your liver. That’s what we offer. The kava bar experience tends to come alive at night, which leads to a sense of true community. With the all-natural benefits that come from kava drinks and many of our products, you’ll be sure to enjoy an experience that cannot be beaten by any other bar.

Our customers love the kava experience, and many of them come to us seeking ways to relax and forget about the crazy world around them. Relaxing and tuning out the world for a while is a significant benefit to our customers.

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