The History of Kava

As you take a sip of your kava and bite into sweet pineapple, you may consider how the drink in front of you came to be. Kava has a long, storied past that may surprise you. Get ready to sit back with your bowl of kava and take a journey into the traditions that turned kava into what it is today.


Ancient Kava Origins

Kava can be traced back roughly 3,000+ years to areas in the western pacific. It has traditionally been popular in places such as Fiji, Polynesia, and Hawaii. Kava has long been a drink used for both social and medicinal purposes. In the past, those who used this plant would refer to it as kava kava, an evergreen shrub with heart-shaped leaves that typically grows in tropical environments. It is a relative of the nightshade group, which a family of flowering plants that range from annual herbs to vines and medicinal plants and spices. The root of the kava plant contains a compound called kavalactones, which may offer a sedative effect on the body.

Traditional Kava Preparation

The customary preparation of kava is taking the root of the kava plant and cutting it into small pieces, which are then chewed by various people and spit out into a bowl filled with coconut milk. Kava is chewed because of the traditional belief that breaking apart the root with your teeth will help blend saliva enzymes and with the plant. Historically, coconut fibers were tools to strain the kava mixture. In this filtration process, the chewed kava root is separated from the drinkable kava brew. In a separate bowl, the kava mixture would then be ready for consumption.

In today’s modern preparation of kava, however, the plant’s root is ground or grated. There are, however, areas among the western pacific where the traditional method is still in use.

Kava in Ceremonies and Events

Kava in today’s setting is often an informal experience that consumers imbibe for the relaxing benefits that it can produce. While modern-day kava drinkers may use it as an alternative to other options, traditional kava drinkers use it ceremoniously. In history, kava played a role in ceremonies such as marriages, funerals, naming ceremonies, and many more sacred occasions. Before the rituals, the community would create the kava mixture. The first to drink would always be the Chief, and who would then offer the rest of the community a bowl. 

Learn More About Kava

At Elixir Lounge, we center our business around kava, which means our team is highly knowledgeable of our products. To find out more about kava and its history, you can give our team here at Elixir Lounge a call.


Kava: Keep Cool, Calm, and Collected

Left and right, people are turning to kava for its calming capabilities. Both relaxing for the mind and the body, it has quickly risen in popularity in cities all over the U.S. If you’re looking for an all-natural way to relax outside of the typical bar scene, look no further than kava. Join us at Elixir Lounge and experience relaxation in a way you never have before. 

Have a Sip of Serenity

Many customers come to Elixir Lounge as a way to forget about the world around them and find their happy place. With the potential mood-benefiting effects, which include anxiety reduction. Unlike alcohol, kava’s sedative quality will not fog your mind or make your words slur. In fact, it should not impair your mental clarity at all. Some kava drinkers have claimed that it promotes a sense of emotional well-being and happiness. 

Some may begin to feel the effects of kava as quickly as 15 to 20 minutes after you’ve consumed it. First, you’ll feel cool, then calm, and finally collected. The strength at which you feel the effects of kava depend on how much you have consumed versus body chemistry. Results can last roughly 60 to 90 minutes.

Various Forms of Kava

  1. Kava Tea: Tea is brewed using hot water and is one of the most common ways to enjoy kava. It is often sold by itself, but individuals can also purchase kava with other herbs that may also help induce a state of relaxation.
  2. Kava Tincture: Individuals can mix tinctures/liquids into any drink or juice for ingesting using a dropper. It’s important to note that the tinctures are concentrated. We recommend that you take small doses when first using the liquid as it’s more potent than other kava forms.
  3. Kava Capsules: For those who want to reap the benefits of kava but are not fans of its earthy taste, they can take kava in a capsule form. Before taking a capsule, we suggest that you check out the capsules’ dosage prior to taking it so that you know how much you’re ingesting.

Drink Kava With Elixir Lounge

Here at Elixir Lounge, we aim to give our customers an experience that they can’t find at other bars. If you’re tired of the traditional bar scene, then we urge you to try Elixir Lounge. We offer a genuinely unique kava experience that we can think you’re going to love. Give us a call at 801-706-1929 if you have any questions; we look forward to saying aloha!