Athletes eat, breathe and sleep fitness. With this comes various sacrifices they must be willing to take, such as lack of sleep, achy muscles, injuries, and more. When it comes to using substances or supplements, athletes often look for an advantage.  

Regardless of the sport, many seek something that will give them a mental edge over their competition by having them focus more intently, sleep better, improve strength and endurance, reduce soreness after workouts, recuperate faster from injuries, and generally feel better throughout the day.  

One substance that has become very popular among today’s fitness buffs is kava.


Many kava drinkers claim that kava helps them stay relaxed and focused, giving them the mental ability to concentrate longer on tasks without distraction.  

Some say it also helps with mental clarity and creativity. For athletes who require fine focus, precision timing and most of all, complete concentration , this is music to their ears.  


Anyone who’s ever been injured knows how debilitating it is not only physically but mentally as well. 

With painkillers typically out of the question due to their potentially harmful long-term side effects on the body (unless recommended by a doctor), kava drinkers around the globe are stating that kava is an excellent alternative for pain relief and anti-inflammatories and can enhance the overall recovery process.

This is beneficial for athletes to help reduce the possibility of injury during any high-impact activity.


Kava may have a positive effect on sleep quality, something essential for athletes. In order for muscle repair and growth to occur, the body requires adequate rest. 

This is not always easily obtained for athletes constantly pushing themselves to become better. Therefore, kava may be a great supplement to help induce sleep and build muscle.

Emotional Benefits of Kava

Athletes who report feeling anxious before activity may be able to benefit from kava, especially if they’re already avoiding anti-anxiety medications due to potential negative side-effects or concern of harming performance.

Some say kava can play a role in treating anxiety and stress, which may be helpful to the athlete hoping to channel their physical performance into a competition.

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